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FAQ - Global Design

What is Global Design?

Global design is a design approach that takes into account the entire user experience, from visual design to usability, ergonomics and accessibility. Often this experience involves a joint study of the various designs used, to create coherent, harmonious designs that meet users'needs while reflecting the company's brand image.

Do you have any examples of Global Design?

There are brands that excel in this area, such as Apple, Mercedes and Google, to name but a few. They are renowned for their coherent and harmonious approach to design, centred on the user and their needs. All three use intuitive, simple and effective design, known as 'User Friendly'.

FAQ - Interior design

What interior design services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of interior design services, including space planning, color planning, furniture and accessory selection, as well as lighting solutions.

How does the space planning process work?

The space planning process begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs and preferences. We then create a personalized floor plan for your space, taking into account functionality and aesthetics. We use the Design Thinking method in all our projects.

Do you offer interior renovation services?

Yes, we offer interior renovation services to transform your existing space into a place that meets your needs and tastes, whether it's a flat or business premises.

FAQ - Graphic Design

What graphic design services do you offer?

We offer a variety of graphic design services, including the creation of logos, graphic guidelines, the design of visual identities and the design of print and digital marketing media: business cards, flyers, stickers, catalogues, booklets, magazines, kakemonos, tarpaulins, t-shirts, goodies, web banners, icons, etc.

How do you work with clients to create their visual identity?

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and vision. If they don't have one, we'll help them creating one, using Design Thinking method combined with the Chinese portrait method. We then create a visual identity that reflects their brand and effectively communicates their message.

Do you offer packaging design services?

Yes, we offer packaging design services to help our clients create attractive and functional packaging for their products.

FAQ - Product Design

What product design services do you offer?

We offer R&D (research and development) services, prototype design, rapid prototyping, and mass production.

ow do you work with clients to create a new product?

We work closely with our clients throughout the entire product design process to ensure that their vision is realized and/or helping them building one. This includes research and development, concept generation, prototyping, and final production.

Do you offer sustainable product design services?

Yes, we offer sustainable product design services to help our clients create environmentally friendly products that are both functional and beautiful.