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21st Monte-Carlo Gastronomie

Global Product Space Graphic

Monte-Carlo Gastronomie has been the paramount event for gastronomy in the Principality for over 20 years. The new challenge that this 21st edition represented was a major one for the future of this event. Indeed, it was necessary to take up our already elaborated codes, in order to remain recognizable, while reinventing ourselves in order to propose a new experience to the visitors, as well as seducing new ones. For the artistic direction of this 21st edition, we created a campaign with visuals that emphasized architecture. This cultural metaphor used a typical architectural work with a strong identity, from the same country of origin as the product presented, to highlight various populations living in the Principality (Russian, Italian and French in particular). Moreover, the language of the building allowed a double use of the word "palace" for our headline, symbolizing as much the domain of taste, of the mouth, as the princely palace.
Client Category
Advertising campaign